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Providing Pain Relief to San Diego Residents Since 2002

PainCare of San Diego’s medical team is committed to providing compassionate, quality care to our patients. Our full service facility is equipped to treat a range of acute and chronic pain conditions from tennis elbow and whiplash to scoliosis and spinal stenosis.

PainCare’s comprehensive approach includes state-of-the-art medical equipment and a combination of techniques including chiropractic care, therapeutic laser and massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy and medical pain management.

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Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractic services are extensive and can help you to see significant improvement no matter if you are battling an injury, chronic pain, or a disease.

Pain Care Management

Every process for a patient suffering from an injury or disease is unique. We strive to educate and inform each patient of the most current medical treatment options that are available for his or her condition. 

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a specialized medical treatment program individually tailored to help patients improve mobility, balance, decrease pain and maintain or regain everyday functional activity.

Servicing You With Care

With cutting edge technology and state-or-the-art facilities, our team of experts provide high quality care and are dedicated to letting you be part of your journey to better health.

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Treating Patients Like Family

At PainCare of San Diego, nothing is more important to us than the comfort of our patients. This is why we have a highly-trained staff to cover a myriad of chronic physical ailments. We use our extensive experience and continuous training to ensure that our patients are receiving the safest and most effective care possible. 

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We will be more than happy to submit all insurance forms for you and help you to make the most of your benefits. Our Sorrento Valley team of medical providers can help you find out how to get the treatments you need.

Chronic pain does not have to be a life sentence!
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PainCare of San Diego

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