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Providing Pain Relief to San Diego Residents Since 2002

The vast majority of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries can be successfully managed with conservative medical treatments and do not necessarily require surgical intervention.

The physicians and therapists at PainCare of San Diego work together as a team to provide the highest quality medical and rehabilitative services in Southern California. Our goal is to effectively diagnose painful medical injuries and conditions, and then tailor a comprehensive treatment plan to alleviate pain and increase overall function to improve the patient’s quality of life.

At PainCare of San Diego patient satisfaction is our top priority. For this reason we work together as a team and take the responsibility of making visits at Pain Care pleasant and comfortable for the patient in every possible way. We are always available to answer your questions or concerns in person, by telephone or e-mail. As a team we work closely with the physicians to ensure that all questions or concerns are answered in a timely and accurate manner.

In addition, all staff are highly trained and experienced in working with private insurances, workers compensation and personal injury claims. For the patient convenience, we process all necessary pre-certifications and insurance verifications for treatment and medications.

We are San Diego-based doctors specializing in various forms of pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Our total commitment is to promoting our clients’ health, happiness, and wellbeing. We also provide holistic and natural treatments, in hopes of relieving symptoms without causing new problems.

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With cutting edge technology and state-or-the-art facilities, our team of experts provide high quality care and are dedicated to letting you be part of your journey to better health.

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Treating Patients Like Family

At PainCare of San Diego, nothing is more important to us than the comfort of our patients. This is why we have a highly-trained staff to cover a myriad of chronic physical ailments. We use our extensive experience and continuous training to ensure that our patients are receiving the safest and most effective care possible. 

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We will be more than happy to submit all insurance forms for you and help you to make the most of your benefits. Our Sorrento Valley team of medical providers can help you find out how to get the treatments you need.

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Chronic pain does not have to be a life sentence!
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Your Pain Specialists

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PainCare of San Diego

A Multidisciplinary Approach To Pain Management


Patient Testimonials

Lisa L.


“I recently finished the functional restoration program with Dr Song and staff.My 8 weeks with this program was life changing.All the staff were extremely encouraging and helpful. I met new friends who were going thru something similar to me. Big shot out to Stephanie,Natalie ,Riz,Zachary and Tracy . You all are amazing!”

Ola Z.


“They are the best! Dr. Song and Dr. Saluda have been keeping me functioning for over 10 years. I have lots of acute injuries on top of chronic pain and they have returned me to functioning and not having to resort to pain meds or surgery through all of it. Nobody ever made as much of a positive difference in my life.

By Deidre U.


“Dr. Song is an amazing chiropractor! Having just moved to the area, I was desperate to find a good chiropractor, but I ended up finding a GREAT one! His thoughtful and sincere approach to my issues, by providing the necessary therapy “back” to wellness was and is a tremendous relief! I highly recommend him.”

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PainCare of San Diego

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