Welcome to Pain Care of San Diego
Chiropractic Clinic and Medical Pain Management Facility

Welcome to Pain Care of San Diego, a chiropractic, physical therapy and medical pain management clinic located in the Mira Mesa/Sorrento Valley community, approximately 15 miles north of Downtown San Diego.Our goal is to relieve your pain using holistic and medical approaches including chiropractic, physical therapy, laser therapy, spinal decompression, injections and medical pain management.

To Our Valued Patients
Urgent COVID-19 Update from PainCare of San Diego

At PainCare of San Diego we continue to follow standard universal precautions as issued by the CDC to help protect each and every one of our patients and team members from exposure to potential infectious pathogens on a daily basis.

Safety Protocols & Office Hours

New Patient Center

Our chiropractor value your time and understand that you may be taking time from work or other responsibilities.


PainCare of San Diego’s medical team is committed to providing compassionate, quality care to our patients.


Chiropractors treat a range of symptoms related to the spine. These symptoms can be found in most areas of the body.

Pain Management in Mira Mesa / Sorrento Valley, CA

Pain Care of San Diego commits to achieve the Ultimate Vision through the success of its clients as indicated by patient levels of pain relief, quality of life, and or reduction of substances necessary to achieve optimal health. We believe in a natural state of healing and enabling the body to function optimally.

To achieve this we assist patients in planning a personalized health plan that is developed using their personal background. We take a holistic approach to ensure that we are supporting the whole mind body connection. Measurably we focus on improving the spine as the power source and believe that educating our patients empowers them to succeed.

At Pain Care of San Diego, we offer a wide variety of services with our focus always centered on the optimal performance of the spine. Dr. Danny Song specializes in complicated disc related trauma and injury, with a core practice of traditional manipulative, gentle, and therapeutic rehabilitation. Our office is passionate about supporting healthy lifestyles and offers free programs through partnerships with local businesses that support optimal health. There is always something to do or be involved with at Pain Care of San Diego that will effectively improve your overall well-being.

It is always our top goal to achieve optimal health for all of our patients. That usually means something different for everybody. We understand that each person is unique and has an individual purpose and we want to support their very best. We believe that when a patient improves physically, all areas of life will improve too.

Common Symptoms Treated With Chiropractic Care

Working with a chiropractor will make a difference in your health

Chiropractic Care reverses injury to the body in a way that no other treatment can. Chiropractic care is different than medical care. Chiropractic care can reveal the root cause of many illnesses and diseases that are often masked by medical treatment. We are not opposed to medical treatment if it is necessary, however, we believe at Pain Care of San Diego that by going to the root of the problem, we can identify the best solution, and return the body to its optimal health naturally.

Many medical practitioners encourage their patients to live a healthy lifestyle. We believe Chiropractic Care is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and that proper alignment of the spine prevents ailments in the body. When our bodies get out of alignment, there are consequences that sometimes lead to medical treatments which act merely as a band aid.

Pain Care of San Diego patients are partners in their optimal health. We support and encourage each one of our patients to be an active participant in the development of their optimal health plan. Initially the doctor will assess the physical health of the spine through X-rays to ensure the patient doctor team is in agreement with the physical health of the spine and the possible cause for any ailment. With a thorough understanding of the patient goals and the chiropractor recommendation, the patient chiropractor team will choose an option that will be best suited for their short term or long term goals.

Our commitment at Pain Care of San Diego is to serve our clients with the utmost professional service, allowing a trusting relationship with the patient doctor team and ensuring optimal health for all who desire to have a healthy spine and a healthy life. Dr. Danny Song personally is COMMITTED to going the extra mile to educate his patients and encourage their growth towards success by delivering the best possible treatments Chiropractic Care has to offer.