Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in San Diego County

Physical therapy is a specialized medical treatment program individually tailored to help patients improve mobility, balance, decrease pain and maintain or regain everyday functional activity.

Our therapists can help individuals with orthopedic injuries, neurological problems, back pain, neck pain, joint-related disorders like arthritis, balance problems, and post-surgical rehabilitation. The therapist, physician and patient work together as a team to meet progressive recovery goals. Treatments may include manual hands-on therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises, balance training, exercises with weights and bands, and educating the patient to promote healing and avoid re-injuring themselves.

Our treatment combines skilled hands-on physical therapy with extraordinary patient education and specific strengthening / stretching programs to condition the patients. This multi-disciplinary approach is to restore functional movement, relieve pain and promote healing and recovery. We teach injury prevention and healthy preventative therapy that helps patients to maintain the improvements made as a result of their therapy and return rapidly to their work and activities of daily living.

Physical Therapy with Pain Care Rehab will make a difference in your health.

Is Physical Therapy for me?

Our rehabilitation clinic treats people of all ages and offers specialized rehabilitation programs for pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric populations. Our services include: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sports Medicine, and General Orthopedics. We have staffed our team to provide a therapist for every type of person. For example, some patients benefit from a deep tissue type of manual therapy, while others need a larger amount of strengthening in their program. Whichever you require, we have a therapist that will fit your personality and maximize your healing time.

Our treatment is individualized to each patient’s specific needs. Our multidisciplinary approach allow us to utilize the best practices of each discipline, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, personal training, strength and conditioning, massage therapy and acupuncture. This approach provides the best treatment at each stage of healing.

Double your benefit within half the time…

Clinical studies have shown maximum recovery within a reduced amount of time in patients who receive physical therapy in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. Treatment is coordinated through team meetings held by the physical therapist and the chiropractor. This partnership lends success to achieve optimal results for our patients.