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If you’ve never lifted weights in your life — and many people haven’t — why should you start now? The answer is simple: Muscle tissue, bone density, and strength all dwindle over the years. So, too, does muscle power. These changes open the door to accidents and injuries that can ... Read More
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Humans once spent their nights in relative darkness. No longer. When the sun sets, TVs, computers, mobile devices, and artificial lighting burn on. The May issue of the Harvard Health Letter reports that this aspect of modern life may be great for efficiency, but not for health. At night, light ... Read More
December 1, 2016admin


There is no shortage of angst-inducing news these days: natural disasters, economic woes, political unrest. Add to this backdrop stresses in our personal lives, layoffs, illness, money woes, temper tantrums, and traffic jams, and it is clear that stressful situations are constant and inevitable. Just as serious as the stressors themselves ... Read More
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Pain Free BACK

Weak back and abdominal muscles — due to deconditioning or age — cause or exacerbate many cases of low back pain. That’s why stretching and strengthening both your back and abdominal muscles is important not only for treating low back pain, but also for helping to prevent a recurrence of ... Read More
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Sometimes just thinking about embarking on a program of stress control can be stressful. Rather than freeze in your tracks, start small and bask in the glow of your successes. Give yourself a week to focus on practical solutions that could help you cope with just one stumbling block or ... Read More
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The number of people with arthritis is staggering. In 2005, 66 million adults in the United States — nearly one in three — had either been diagnosed with arthritis or were living with undiagnosed chronic joint pain and other symptoms. Although the risk of some types of arthritis, such as ... Read More
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Each year approximately 250,000 Americans get rotator cuff surgery. The rotator cuff is a network of 4 muscles that support your arm and shoulder. A torn rotator cuff is most commonly caused by an acute injury or natural degeneration and can result in severe pain and disability without proper treatment. ... Read More
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Any San Diego chiropractor will say that the best way to treat scoliosis is to find it early. Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine, and it can get worse with age. For this reason, it is always better to find it in early childhood rather than in adulthood. There ... Read More
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