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In the modern world of technology, humans sit all day long. A large percentage of working and non-working Americans alike spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk. As a result, standing desks have emerged as a possible solution to those that need to use a computer or ... Read More
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Are you in pain and seeking medical care? Here are some suggestions of how to prepare for a pain discussion with your doctor. *Keep a diary for a few weeks noting when the pain is worse (morning, afternoon, night?) and what treatments are working (Advil, Aleve?). Which activities seem to be limited ... Read More
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Did you know that garlic has been shown to work similarly to NSAID pain medications (like ibuprofen), shutting off the pathways that lead to inflammation? There are many tasty foods that can help reduce pain-causing inflammation including fatty fish, dark leafy greens, beets and berries. In addition to getting the proper amount ... Read More
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Back to Health

10 Tips to a Healthy Spine Did you know that back pain affects 80% of adults and is the second most common reason people visit their doctor? Follow these simple North American Spine Society tips to help keep your back in good shape. Standing: Keep one foot forward of the other with ... Read More
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The average adult head weighs 10 pounds when it’s in the upright or neutral position. But if you are constantly bending your head at a 60 degree angle toward your smart phone, you are putting 60 pounds’ worth of pressure on your cervical spine and potentially causing a repetitive stress ... Read More
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Foods to Fight Pain

From migraines to back pain, to joint pain and arthritis, 35% of american adults suffer from chronic pain according to the American Chronic Pain Association. Instead of turning to “comfort foods” to lift your spirits when pain strikes, take a bite out of inflammation-reducing super foods that can really help ... Read More
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Our Doc is Top!

PainCare of San Diego is thrilled and honored that our founder and Medical Director, Michael Moon, M.D. has been named a top doctor by San Diego Magazine. The “Top Doctors” annual survey is conducted by the San Diego County Medical Society, giving local physicians the opportunity to vote for board-certified ... Read More
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For 40 weeks you will do everything right; take great care of yourself by eating a healthy diet, exercising and preparing your home and mind for the arrival of your new baby. But if you’re like most of us, once the baby is born your focus will move away from ... Read More
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San Diego chronic neck pain sufferers, PainCare’s new MCU is here for you! PainCare of San Diego is proud to be one of only two San Diego medical offices to offer the most comprehensive cervical spine evaluation and rehabilitation system in the world; the Multi-Cervical Unit or MCU. Traditional techniques of ... Read More
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Taking care of your spine — that is, your back and neck — today will help lower your chances of back pain later. Making simple changes to your daily routine can help improve body mechanics and reduce the chance for spine related pain. Here are three tips from the doctors at ... Read More
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